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Hey, Baby

This is a character from the same personal project as the “cityscape” sketches I posted last week [1, 2]. (Shown here as a doodle. Yes. Another doodle.)

Aerial View of City Park

Aerial View of City Park
(click the image for a larger view)
This is part two to yesterday’s post, this time a view of a city park. Also quite rough, this was worked out at the same time as the previous cityscape and is part of the same story. In fact, this is part of the same opening shot, just a pan to the right (and a little bit down). The park is something like Central Park in New York or Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. A fictional large city park.
Here’s a thumbnail sketch of the pan.
Pan-Shot Thumbnail

Aerial Cityscape

(click the image for a larger view)
This is a rough layout design and opening shot from a personal project I started last year. The project has been sitting on the back-burner for a while, but I revisited it a little bit today. This is a fictitious place, though I hope some people would find something familiar about it. It’s kind of an amalgam of, or inspired by, different cities — primarily San Francisco and New York, with a little added bit of a Northwestern element. Obviously, it’s quite rough, but there’s an energy in this that I really like and that I think would be hard to duplicate if I tried redrawing it.

Blackout Boards

I’m in a production company with some friends which we call Magic Beans Productions. Our most recent project is a music video for the song “Blackout” from punk band Scatterbox’s new album “Sudden Movements” out on Clickpop Records. I did these quick-n-dirty storyboards for the video and also “acted” in it as Skeleton Man, making this the third masked and non-speaking role I’ve had in a Magic Beans production. We shot it yesterday and are presently in post-production. As with our last production, this was a journey into the surreal. It may be hard to glean much of the feeling of the video from the boards, but from what I saw and experienced yesterday, it will be magical. I’ll provide more news and details as things progress.