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Shamelessly Grotesque

Below is a flyer and poster design I’ve just completed for No Shame Theatre’s 20th Anniversary. This one will be distributed in Iowa City, where No Shame originated (the first No Shame performance was out of the back of a pick-up truck). An alternate version will be used for the Los Angeles No Shame and we’ve also discussed putting this image on T-Shirts.

Okay, so it’s rather grotesque, but keep in mind that the forms are abstracted and you could not see anything grotesque in it, were it not for the aid of your own imagination. Any resemblance to forms or actions deemed rude or obscene are purely coincidental. Given another look, I’m sure you’ll see that what you thought was one thing is really just a nose, or eyes, etc., of a silly cartoon character. Harmless G-rated fun, all around!


Remembering Whackjob

“Whackjob!” was a literary reading series in San Diego that I did flyer designs for. I was given pretty much total freedom to interpret each reading’s theme title and would employ whatever tools or styles seemed to fit the bill. The themes illustrated below are “Better Than Hope,” “Genie In A Bottle,” “Poemectomy,” a Valentine’s Day theme, and “Wipe Out,” respectively.

wj7full      wj8full

wj9full      wj11full


Summer Double-Header

A couple of new header images have been put into rotation. The first is the obviously more summery of the two. In the second one, a bus accidentally passed through a shot I was trying to get, but with a happy result.

Produce Stand, Los Angeles:

Bus Passing at Night, Los Angeles:

Read about the last headers I posted here.

My Cards, Arrived

Hmm, so that’s what a thousand business cards looks like. Well, the top row is maybe 300 or so. There’s another row beneath it, with the other 700 packed in neatly. These arrived yesterday after much frustration with UPS. They should’ve been delivered on Friday, but the delivery guy got his panties in a bunch over the way the address was formatted and I had to jump through a couple hoops and then wait over the weekend and all day Monday. No big deal, but I think ordering from “Overnight Prints” had my instant-gratification gland working overtime. Anyway, they’re here now and I’m happy to have them. Professional quality! No more Kinko’s for me.
1000 Murrays
Stripe & Murray

The Commuters

Author Cheryl Klein will read from her newly published novel The Commuters, 7:30 this evening at Skylight Books (1818 N. Vermont Ave., Los Feliz) in Los Angeles. I completed the above cover design for the book (shown here in full wraparound, front cover illustration by Cheryl) in February of this year and have not yet seen the printed copy, so it will be exciting to see it tonight! Cheryl is quite the wordsmith and very dedicated to her craft. Just as her first novel The Commuters was in the process of being published, she finished up another one and I believe she may now be working on a third! Visit her blog Bread and Bread for well turned musings on the mundane.

My Card, Finished

biz01_20060524      biz01back02_20060524
Front…               …and back.

My Card . . .


A new business card design, possibly still in progress, based on Murray. I blocked out the phone number to protect the innocent. Check out the pinstripes on the left. They remind me of those old Pee-Chee folders. Remember?

New Cali Headers

I took down a few of the header images I was growing a little tired of and added a few new ones. These are from photos Jamie and I took on a recent trip “up north.” All three of these were shot on the same day. Round, round, get around, I get around, yeah…

It’s Tops Coffee, San Francisco:

The coast south of Carmel:

Henry Miller’s Typewriter at the Henry Miller Library, Big Sur:

Shannon McNally Tees

I designed this shirt for friend and singer-songwriter Shannon McNally last month. In case you’re not up on your bovine anatomy, the skeleton to the right is a North American Bison (aka, Buffalo). There’s definitely a Dia De Los Muertos element to this design, but the imagery really came out of trying to represent the concept of “North American Ghost Music,” a term Shannon has coined to describe her own music and as a response to the often clunky categorical attempts of music-reviewers and the like.