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An Inky Housewarming

I gave this as a housewarming gift to my friends Chris and Lindsey. It’s approximately 3 by 4 inches, or 2.75 x 3.75, if cropped to the pencil line.

Ink on Bristol.



Here I am traveling through time and space and thought.

Drawn with Photoshop on Cintiq.

Eastern Plane

Eastern Plane

Another page from the Land of Ink. Bonsai branches, watchtower gourd on hourglass temple, old-man’s-face-breathing-dragon, smoldering volcano, and other things yet unnamed.

Ink Splatter Migration

Ink Splatter Migration
Stray splatters land on a free page and soon multiply, amassing an exodus toward new undiscovered pages where they can create a world of their own.

Arachnid’s Ghost

Arachnid's Ghost
Seen in the Inky World.

Dessert and Digestif

Dessert and Digestif
More from the Inky World.
I came upon this in a town square. An elaborate kinetic sculpture erected to honor the after-dinner partners, Dessert and Digestif. Balanced atop a melting mass of something sweet-looking, is a cherry with an exquisite stem. It contains parts that move and some that are even alive, such as a whole cherry tree. The kinetic parts of the sculpture include an elaborate cherry picking device which operates 12 hours each day, slowly and steadily picking cherries from the tree while with its other arms, it daintily sips a hot cup of tea and raises a sickle (an arm on another section of the sculpture raises a hammer).
What can be interpreted as the Digestif portion of the sculpture is composed of a finely balanced, swinging armiture, on one end of which is a large chalice containing an unknown bubbly black liquid which empties in a constant flow through a spigot and into a receptacle below. However, the armiture routinely swings about, spilling the liquid on the floor all around the sculpture. I got some on my shoe, which caused me to slip around a bit. I also have to admit to swiping a little taste of it with my finger. I found it to be quite good, although a little bit “tarry” for my taste.

Mr. Incredibluestreak

Mr. Incredibluestreak
Who was that masked man? And what the hell did he say? Did anyone understand a word of it? It sounded something like "Blub-blub-blub-rrrrrr-fluuh-wheiauooohhh… E-E-E-E-E-E-nnnnnn… pop! POP!  kkkkkkkktttttch-zzz-kracKOW!!! wushshshshsh…"

Don’ Trip

Don' Trip
A new tool arrived on my doorstep Saturday: the Kuretake brush pen. It’s essentially a fountain pen with a brush tip. I’m so impressed with the elegance and quality of this pen! Thanks to John Sanford for the tip. I’m delighting in the smooth flowing thick and thin and just experimenting with the various qualities of line it’s capable of. The above drawing was done with the Kuretake, as were the drawings in my previous two posts (”OMG LOL” and “Sad Toad Man”).
This one, as is the case with a lot of my drawings, is largely the result of just experimenting with line. I happened to draw a character on the right and began playing with abstract line on the left. As the abstracts evolved, I began to see a relationship between the two. I imagined that the abstract stuff was something this character was seeing. A drug-induced hallucination, perhaps? Or maybe the result of sheer psychosis or a hyperactive imagination? Or perhaps it isn’t so literal. Maybe we are seeing a representation of his emotional state. The odd thing is the disparity between the wild quality of the abstracts and the extremely sedate expression on the guy’s face. I imagined he’s trying to stay cool in the face of all this really crazy stuff he is either seeing or thinking or feeling. “Don’ trip,” he tells himself. Don’t trip.
This video I saw last week of Oliver Sacks in 1986 is still resonating with me and the above drawing/painting brings to mind, yet again, the quote which turned up in one of my doodles:

“One way or another, people want to live creatively and they want to live vividly.”

Inky World

Inky World
This was drawn about a month ago on the inside cover of a new Moleskine sketchbook (small). Drawn with a water-brush pen filled with ink.

This is somewhat of a return to the sort of content I used to draw a lot more of. That is, somewhat abstract surrealistic landscapes. Play with line and form and composition and a sort of "growing" of what could be organic forms rising up from the ground and taking on shapes that are suggestive of things perhaps we’ve seen before. Take a look around. What do you see? Maybe a cactus, an onion or radish, a duck or a snail, a trumpet, a plume of smoke, a chimney, a balloon, a musical note. A unique scene can kind of evolve out of this stuff. I don’t really know what it is when I start out, but I try to follow my feeling and intuition and use the opportunities presented along the way. It’s nice when something more cohesive comes out of it. There can be a message, or a theme at times. Maybe just an aesthetic idea or something more literal or suggestive.

I’m not exactly sure what’s happening here, except that it is maybe some sort of microscopic city. These forms are a combination of the natural, organic, and the constructed. If you can see the tiny vertical lines in various places atop the forms, it was my thought while drawing that these are perhaps people of some sort. Possibly you and me, or possibly some microscopic life form. Like the Whos in Whoville. Anyway, that can give you a sense of scale and maybe what it might be like to live in this world.

Pizza Box Doodles

Had to snap some shots of this before taking it out to the recycling bin.

char28 - Pizza Box Doodles char28a - Pizza Box Doodles

char28b - Pizza Box Doodles

char28c - Pizza Box Doodles char28e - Pizza Box Doodles

char28d - Pizza Box Doodles


What can it mean?


Post-It Doodles Probiscus Party, Plus


I’ve been holding back, but here now is more glorious ball-point pen on Post-Its. Some familiar schnozzes in profile. Three of them. And since they say three’s a crowd, then I suppose it can be a party, too. And since I did my drawing of Dave Letterman, I’ve periodically been trying my hand at Regis Philbin. He had been on the program that night, but I just couldn’t capture his likeness. You’d think he’d be easy, but I was surprised. Included above is my latest attempt. Still has a little ways to go to being recognizable. I think it looks more like a somewhat heavy-set Conan O’Brien doing his impression of Regis, but it’s a lot closer than my first attempts.

And then, well, sometimes these things just happen…


All of the above were drawn with one of these babies:


When I saw this in the back-to-school section of the drug store, it instantly took me back to about 4th grade or so. An impulse buy to gratify the inner child.

Post-it Doodles, Plus

More doodles from the desk of Lee-Roy. Click image for larger size.


Desktop Doodles

A scrap of paper that sits on my desk for any length of time usually ends up filled with this sort of stuff. My hand is continually seeking out blank spaces to release the creative subconcious—or something.