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Threadless, not Thankless

Many thanks to everyone who scored my tee-shirt design “The Write Stuff” on Threadless! It ended up with a fairly respectable 2.84 from 585 votes (I saw it get up to 2.88 at the highest point).

This is definitely an above average score and I’ve seen some designs go to print that scored lower, so it’s certainly possible that this could go “all the way.”

And now the waiting period begins. Judging by what I’ve seen on Threadless, it could be 2-3 months before it gets selected or… I could be faced with the unending deafening silence of never being printed — which is an equal possibility. So, we shall see. You can be sure that if/when it gets selected, I will begin another round of promotion to get everyone I know to buy it!

In the meantime, the image can still be used for non-apparel. Having submitted my first design to Threadless has also been really positive, because it’s gotten me out of a sort of internet-rut, where I’ve shied away from putting myself out there. It’s inspired me to wonder, if I were to create more designs for Threadless, what would they be? And at least in a small way, it’s helped me revisit the potential of the internet for creative enterprise and as a source of motivation.

The Write Stuff, A Sketch + Colors

We are approaching the final hours to score my design “The Write Stuff” on Threadless! I’ve gotten some pretty positive responses on this design (including enthusiastic words from friends at 826 National) and it will be really exciting if this is selected for print, but I’m calling on everyone to give it that extra push it needs to really stand out by scoring it a FIVE (if you haven’t done so already). Don’t have a Threadless account? Sign up for free here. Just for fun, I’m posting a sketch from the “making of” and a couple images of the design against the Silver tee color, as well as some alternate colors of tees. The colors of the design itself have not been altered here — just the shirt colors. Enjoy!

The Write Stuff

I submitted my first Threadless design last night! It is pending approval, but the page is online here:

The Write Stuff by artandstory

You can check back over the next couple of days to see if it’s approved and available for scoring (I hope you will give it a 5). I originally intended this for Threadless’s challenge for 826 National, but the deadline was midnight last night (Monday) and I only just found out about the contest on Friday, with little time to work on it over the weekend. So… I missed the deadline by a few minutes. Nonetheless, I felt it was a solid design, so I submitted it to the general area of Threadless for scoring. Since the normal cash prize for having a design selected for print is higher than the one for the 826 challenge, should my design go to print, I’m pledging to donate a portion of the award to 826 for providing me with the inspiration.

I’ve experienced the work that 826 National does firsthand, volunteering as a cartoonist for their Storytelling and Bookmaking field trips. It’s usually a class of first- or second-graders. They come in to 826LA’s location in Echo Park, behind the Time Travel Mart, and they write a story. I illustrate it on the spot! It’s given me some insight/reminder of the sorts of things that are bouncing around in their imaginations.

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