Daily Archive for June 2nd, 2011

Where’s Osama? The Final Artwork


Here’s the final artwork for the previously-mentioned Where’s Waldo spoof “Where’s Osama?” I worked on in late 2007. I created this full spread illustration (set in Washington D.C.) and a cover design. I gained a new respect for the Waldo books. It’s tricky coming up with this many gags orchestrated in a single image. This was the job that convinced me to buy a new computer and a Cintiq. I drew all of this in pen on a large sheet of paper and scanned it with a large drum scanner, then colored it in Photoshop at high resolution. Even with a simple color scheme, my G4 “Yikes!” (PowerMac G4, circa September 1999) was choking on it the whole way.



This was shopped around to see if there was any interest in putting out a whole book of these. Unfortunately it never made it past the first spread, but it had great potential. The meter may have been running on the topical humor, with Bush on his way out of office and the Presidential race underway for 2008, but I can think of several magazines that this image alone would’ve been perfect for. Brush up on your ‘08 Presidential race, click the image for a full size version, and see if you can spot all the gags, political players of the moment, and Osama bin Laden! Watch out for the undercover CIA agents in turbans.