Daily Archive for March 18th, 2010

The Illusionist: Tati via Chomet


I’m excited about The Illusionist, the latest animated feature from Sylvain Chomet (Triplets of Belleville), adapted from an unproduced script written by filmmaker, comedic actor, mime, performer savant Jacques Tati in 1956. I first learned of this project about six months back when I discovered a new title in Chomet’s filmography on IMDb, listing Chomet and Tati as co-writers. I was struck with confusion and elation, and immediately looked for more information about the film, only to find a little more backstory on the origin. The script was in the possession of Tati’s daughter, Sophie Tatischeff, and she specifically chose Chomet to create the film adaptation. She expressed her preference that the iconic image of her father be portrayed and performed on the screen by way of animation, as opposed to live-action. I think she found a sublime match.


As evidenced by its February screening at the Berlinale festival, the film is now complete and I’m antsy to see it arrive on screens in the United States. The stills and clips that are beginning to pop-up are intriguing.

Here is a clip (in German) containing footage from The Illusionist:

A trailer (with russian titles) can also be found here:

And for anyone who’s never seen Tati before, here is a short clip from Mon Oncle: