Daily Archive for September 20th, 2009


I just saw Jim Capobianco’s film Leonardo at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 theater in Hollywood and it was great! It’s an animated short set in (perhaps?) Renaissance Italy, about a familiar-looking character named, um, Leonardo, trying desperately to invent a way to fly (with comedic results). My only complaint is that it wasn’t longer. The gags went by so quickly, I could hardly catch them all. That’s probably a good thing, however, as the film will stand up well to multiple viewings. Anyway, there was some priceless hand-drawn animation in there and beautifully simplified line work overall. I like the idea of a pencil-test sort of look as a stylistic choice for a film. It especially makes sense here, given the parchment or vellum-like treatment serving as backdrop for the drawings — a reference to Leonardo Da Vinci’s own sketches and notes. Ultimately, it is a short and sweet piece that I would like to watch again and again. Big up to all the folks involved!

Trailer is available here: http://www.aerialcontrivanceworkshop.com/projects.html
Jim Capobianco has also kept a blog about the film making process here: http://leoanimation.blogspot.com

This screening was to qualify the film for Oscar consideration and so I also wish it the greatest success in that endeavor.