Noir Character

Here’s a noir guy for you. That slightly goofy rumpled detective who comes off as nothing but cool, due to his calm confidence, charisma, and cleverness (pardon the aliteration).

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  1. 1 imageblock

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the story of the golem as well and was inspired to push the scale of the monster.

    You have some real nice work here yourself. I would love to see more sketches.

  2. 2 Lee-Roy

    Wow, you are fast! I just left that comment a moment ago! Well, very cool. Thank you for stopping by as well, and thanks for the nice comment. More sketches will be on the way soon!

  3. 3 Cheryl

    Have you heard the new “Two-Minute Noir” segments on KPCC? This would be a perfect illustration for them. If you could see pictures on the radio. D’oh!

  4. 4 Jamie

    I like this cat.

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