Last Laugh?

It well could be this fellow’s last laugh. Here are some more ol’ timers from the doodle book. Geezers are fun to draw.

5 Responses to “Last Laugh?”

  1. 1 Jamie

    Ewe… ear hair. Do tastebuds really enlarge with age?

  2. 2 Lee-Roy

    That would be nice. At least one of your senses would improve with age rather than the opposite. Alas, no, I think those might be tongue warts.

  3. 3 John S

    I like the stuff you’ve been posting lately.

  4. 4 Lee-Roy

    John!!!!!!!! Thanks, man! I’m glad you like this stuff. I enjoy it too, of course. Unleashing my inner ‘toonist more as of late, perhaps. He likes to get out there. Waaaaaay out there.

  5. 5 Jamie

    “Alas, no, I think those might be tongue warts.”

    Thanks, man. You had my hopes up there for a second.

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