Charlie In Memorium

I know I’m a total dweeb for saying this, but I’m excited that Lost is back. Sure, they treat each episode like a carrot on a string, and I’d be harder pressed to explain Lost to someone than I would Quantum Physics. But I guess, kind of like a longer length novel, I’ve grown attached to these characters and the character of the island. I love the imaginativeness of the show and the mystery and I love seeing how they can twist and spin it out even farther. Despite a frequent lack of answers, some corniness, a mishandling of extras/incidental characters, and plot lines that at times just never lead anywhere, Lost’s makers have one great skill and that is to create something compelling. I actually get kind of giddy when I remember Lost will be on later that evening. I’ll pop some popcorn and get glued to the set.
I know… dweeb.

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  1. 1 Jamie

    You should put a link to your sketch of Hurley in this post. I’m one in dweebness with you. RIP Charlie.

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