A & A Body & Paint

A & A Body & Paint — Cropped
I know I’ve been posting more drawings and paintings from life lately and less character work, but here’s another sketch anyway. This is of the A & A Body Shop at Pico and Ridgeley. Rumor is that this place has something close to a hundred citations for various things and the neighborhood and city are looking to shut them down. There are a lot of body shops along this street and while I feel for these small business owners and the mechanics that work for them, I could do without the toxic fumes. This is a big residential area, with a lot of restaurants and cafés, and a good number of them with outdoor seating. I like to ride my bike to these places sometimes, but biking and holding your breath don’t really go together too well. We’ll see what happens. Anyway, isn’t that a cool old truck? What is it? A Ford or a Chevy of some sort? I’ve been meaning to sketch this spot for a little while now and thought I should get on it in case it disappears. I might revisit this with watercolor later. The truck is a nice rusty color.

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