That Down Beat Jazz

I took my car in to be serviced this afternoon and it took several hours before it was done. They had a shuttle service that could take me within a five-mile radius of their location downtown, so I had them drop me off at Alvarado and Sunset in Echo Park, Los Angeles. There I spent the afternoon with a bagel and lox, a lemonade, and later on, an iced coffee. I sat first at one of the tables on the sidewalk and sketched the view:


Then later, at a table inside, I did this one:


About a year and a half ago, I did some sketching in this same location.

2 Responses to “That Down Beat Jazz”

  1. 1 Cheryl

    I really like the still-life-with-napkin-holder. There’s something sad and friendly and mid-century about it.

  2. 2 Lee-Roy

    Thanks, Cheryl. I like that as a title — “Still Life With Napkin Holder.” :)

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