New York & Paris Headers

New header images for the ol’ bloggy. These are from photos taken in New York and Paris, May 2007. Notice they all have lines leading from the upper right to the lower left? Kind of odd how that turned out.
West Village, Manhattan:
Red Hook, Brooklyn:
Rooflines of Paris, France:
Musée d’Orsay, Paris:

4 Responses to “New York & Paris Headers”

  1. 1 Akiko

    great photos. I especially like the Brooklyn one. I think it’s challenging to create a horizontal composition. Speaking of Brooklyn, check out
    National Trust for Historic Preservation lists it as one of the 11 Most Endangered Places.

  2. 2 Lee-Roy

    Thanks, Akiko. It can be a little challenging, but fun. I just go through my photos and drop them into a photoshop doc already at that size, move them around, resize them, etc. I think the reason I have so many diagonal lines in my header images, is they play nicely against the horizontal. There’s not a lot of room for a whole picture, so I scan photos for details/focal points, interesting colors, textures, forms, and perspective. I also keep my eye out for potential header images when I’m carrying a camera, so I keep this stuff in mind. Makes for interesting shots, anyway.

    Thanks for the link. I believe it! When I was in Brooklyn I saw demolition and development going on all over the place! All those old buildings getting knocked down, because it’s cheaper to just build a new condo than to try and preserve the old stuff. Sad.

  3. 3 blauereiter

    Very beautiful. I especially like the one of Brooklyn.

  4. 4 Lee-Roy

    Thank you! Seems to be a favorite.

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