Dessert and Digestif

Dessert and Digestif
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I came upon this in a town square. An elaborate kinetic sculpture erected to honor the after-dinner partners, Dessert and Digestif. Balanced atop a melting mass of something sweet-looking, is a cherry with an exquisite stem. It contains parts that move and some that are even alive, such as a whole cherry tree. The kinetic parts of the sculpture include an elaborate cherry picking device which operates 12 hours each day, slowly and steadily picking cherries from the tree while with its other arms, it daintily sips a hot cup of tea and raises a sickle (an arm on another section of the sculpture raises a hammer).
What can be interpreted as the Digestif portion of the sculpture is composed of a finely balanced, swinging armiture, on one end of which is a large chalice containing an unknown bubbly black liquid which empties in a constant flow through a spigot and into a receptacle below. However, the armiture routinely swings about, spilling the liquid on the floor all around the sculpture. I got some on my shoe, which caused me to slip around a bit. I also have to admit to swiping a little taste of it with my finger. I found it to be quite good, although a little bit “tarry” for my taste.

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