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Gumby and Pokey Share Some Laughs


Many Happy Returns

These are just some random scribblings I grabbed off of my desk and ran through the blogomatic.





Paris Rooftops


This was one of the few sketches I did while on vacation in Paris, and the only watercolor. Done very quickly, looking out from our apartment in the Marais. This view was spectacular. Here’s a snapshot of a slightly different section of the view:


Naturally, I’ve been scolding myself for not doing more sketching while in Paris, of all places, but this was meant to be a romantic getaway for my girlfriend (now fiancée) and I, and so my attention needed to be on her instead of my sketches. I did take a lot of photos and have some great memories, so perhaps I’ll draw from those at some point.

Le Petit Chef

A big round of applause to the entire cast and crew of Pixar’s Ratatouille! It was a true delight! Superbe! Genial! Credit must be given to Jan Pinkava as originator of the film, but accolades to Brad Bird’s script and his unbeatable skills of direction, omission, and selection. The timing of the action sequences was just spot-on. I loved all the little touches. All the characters were a joy to watch (and superbly voiced — I couldn’t believe that was Janeane Garofolo doing a french accent), and I loved the designs of the rats. I could go on and on. Little rats are dancing in my head.
See story artist Jenny Lerew’s post on Ratatouille for much more thoughtful and eloquently stated observations, of which I wish I could plagiarize word for word.

…Aaaand I’m Back.

...Aaaand I'm Back.

Yes! Hello. I’m Back! I know, it’s been a while. I skipped a couple months. Hey, sometimes you’re just not in a blogging mood. And sometimes that feeling lasts for two months or maybe more. And anyway, I’ve been busy. My girlfriend and I went to New York on business (for her) and pleasure (for me) and then we both vacationed in Paris for a week, where we got engaged! It’s been exactly a month since we got back, and I’ve thought about posting to the ol’ blog, but… Blogging is a habit and like many habits, it can be fallen out of. Once that happens it can be difficult to pick it back up, but that’s what I’m going to try. It’s July 1st. A new month and the first day of the second half of 2007. Beginning of Act II. I’ve got doodles and photos and inspiration to share, so… we’ll see what happens!

Warmest Bloggy Regards,