Monthly Archive for April, 2007

Recycled Pap

Recycled PapAmerica Smells

Hey, Kid

C’mon. Everybody’s doing it.

Muttering Mug

Hello again.

Grumble Grumble

Nathan Fillion gives good face.

Zzzzzzz… *Snort* Huh?

Oh, sorry! I dozed off there for a sec. Here are some doodles.


char32 char33b

char34a char33f



char33c char33g

700. Lapin Agile

Number 700 from Flickr group, 700 Bunnies. Another upside-down character.

700. Lapin Agile



What happened? I was posting almost every day for a good stretch there and then poof! Well, some weeks you got it, some weeks you don’t. However, since the start of the year, I’ve been trying to maintain a steady rate of one post per weekday. While it hasn’t been so steady, I have more or less kept up with my goal. That is, depending on how things go the rest of this month. The way I’ve been figuring this is I add up the number of Saturdays and Sundays in a month and maintain that as the total number of non-blog days I have available. I can then distribute them however I like. If I take too many days off in a month, it gets taken out of the following one. At present, with the number of consecutive days I’ve taken off, I’ll have to post every day for the rest of this month and then I will still be one day behind. Too much? Perhaps. Far more posts-per-month than anyone should be interested in viewing? Definitely. But it’s motivating to try to maintain this kind of schedule and it forces me to take the pressure off a little bit. I can’t come up with five masterpieces a week, so anything is fair fodder for the blog. The mindless, the profane, the inexplicable, and the sublime. So, more (most likely of the former categories) to come.