Pizza Box Doodles

Had to snap some shots of this before taking it out to the recycling bin.

char28 - Pizza Box Doodles char28a - Pizza Box Doodles

char28b - Pizza Box Doodles

char28c - Pizza Box Doodles char28e - Pizza Box Doodles

char28d - Pizza Box Doodles

7 Responses to “Pizza Box Doodles”

  1. 1 Cheryl

    You put the “reuse” in “reduce, recycle, reuse.” No scrap of paper is safe in your house.

  2. 2 Lee-Roy

    It’s true! Nothing is safe. Of the three R’s, the one I do the least of, at least when it comes to paper, is reduce. Although, I suppose I contribute somewhat to reducing by reusing.

  3. 3 Randy Wood

    Hey, that’s a very good likeness of you!

  4. 4 Lee-Roy

    Thanks, Randy!!

  5. 5 chris chua

    nice! I love those faces on the side. Keep em coming!

  6. 6 martha

    Very cool! I especially like that fore edge. A good excuse to eat more pizza!

  7. 7 Lee-Roy

    chris and martha — Thanks for your comments. Glad you like ‘em! I like my pizza with mushrooms, olives, and doodles.

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