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Downward Dog

I’m not feeling very big on explanation right now, so if you feel like digging, go here, here, and here. Sorry I’m so lazy, but here’s a drawing for you to look at. Hope this makes things all better.
306. Downward Dog
Oh, do you feel queasy?

Pizza Box Doodles

Had to snap some shots of this before taking it out to the recycling bin.

char28 - Pizza Box Doodles char28a - Pizza Box Doodles

char28b - Pizza Box Doodles

char28c - Pizza Box Doodles char28e - Pizza Box Doodles

char28d - Pizza Box Doodles


What can it mean?


Crazy Madness

Is all I see out my window.

The Doodles Don’t Quit

So neither do I.


I’m A Sneaky Bugger

Drawings of people when they weren’t looking.



More Doodles!

char26 - More Doodles!


Last night, I kept telling myself I was going to get up bright and early on Saturday, take my time having breakfast, get my stuff together, and drive over to Griffith Park for SketchCrawl 13. I’d probably get there early, stroll around a bit, or maybe take a detour along the way and pick something up to have for lunch later. I’d meet fellow sketchers, and have lots of fun sketching old trains and trees and dirt and… Then I started reading online about the Dvorak Keyboard (also see The Dvorak Zine). Interesting. Then I found a site that helps you learn Dvorak and I started practicing. Kind of like a video game, only much more monotonous. Adventures in typing! Exciting! What? It’s 3 AM? That’s impossible. Fast forward eight hours as I crack my eyes open. What happens next? Not a whole lot. No SketchCrawl in Griffith Park for me. However, I did manage to get outside a bit in the afternoon and do a little sketching in my neighborhood. Not so much a SketchCrawl, as it was a SketchStroll or even SketchSitDown. Yet, look! Sketches! I defied all odds and put pen to paper. Hoooray.

The house on the left is going to be torn down along with the house next to it (not pictured) and converted to a four-story condominium building. This is across the street from my building.


Another view of my street with Taxi Cab:


Looking in the opposite direction with couches that have been left to rot on the side of the road:


The house on the left in this picture is right next to our building. This one is slated to be torn down and replaced with a four-story condo, as well. Fun fun fun. Can’t wait. The building on the right is the one I live in. Built circa 1931.


Hey There, Smiley Girl

char24 - Smiley Girl

Doodles: Three Typical Left-Facing Fellas, One Anomalous Right-Facing Lady

char25d - Slack          char25a - Hep
char25c - Vulcan Half-Breed          char25b - Pointy Girl
The red markings are the notes of a director I’m presently boarding for.

Yagragulky! Jim Woodring has a Blog!

“The Woodring Monitor.” Inky sketches and other machinations of Jim Woodring, creator of Frank, and a huge influence whom I don’t do justice. I will have to try harder.

UPDATE: The following image has been used with Jim Woodring’s kind permission. It is NOT my own, though I wish it were.


Beachgoer in Bra

Another one from Sunday.

field34 - Beachgoer in Bra

More About Me. Bla Bla Bla.

I’m still working on self-characterization. I think it’s getting better, but the process remains rather elusive. I think I have a design that works, I step away from it for a couple days, I come back, it looks like shit. The self character I posted previously now looks like some kind of strange bird, or something. Ah, well. Below are some sketches I did last night. Of course, they’re not hammered down designs. One sketch looks different from another. I’m working it out. Still, I think I’m seeing some progress in these. Tomorrow they will probably look all wrong to me.

char23 - More about me. Bla bla bla.

Beach Day

It was a good way to spring forward.

field32 - Beach Day

A boy and his board:

field33 - A boy and his board

Screamin Mad Doodle

I want to get in a post before midnight. I’ve got a few things I could post, but I can’t decide between them, so I’m just posting this doodle I did this afternoon. I don’t know what those little black marks are. Maybe chocolate sprinkles? The other tinier dark specks are bits of graphite on my filthy scanner.

char22 - Screamin Mad Doodle