Daily Archive for February 26th, 2007

Shock and Awww

Well, I am quite (unlike “Mister Shock” pictured above) pleasantly surprised that The Danish Poet won for best animated short and very disappointed that Peter O’Toole didn’t win for best actor. Although if anyone else had to win, I’m glad it was Forest Whitaker. Though maybe a bit triumphant, (who wouldn’t be?) I thought he received the award respectfully, seeming to speak directly to his fellow nominees about the craft of acting in a way that I think allowed them to share in his joy a bit. Still, O’Toole may never get another more Oscar-worthy role in his lifetime, which is tremendously sad if I focus on it too long. He begrudgingly accepted the Academy Honorary Award they gave him in 2003, stating in a letter to the Academy that he was “still in the game,” and wanted to “win the little bugger outright.” So clearly, he really did want to win the thing.