Django Reinhardt

An illustration I completed Sunday of Django Reinhart. Ink and brush on Bristol.

6 Responses to “Django Reinhardt”

  1. 1 Jamie

    very stylish!

  2. 2 Lee-Roy

    Helps to have a stylish subject. Thanks, Jamie.

  3. 3 monte

    hi lee-roy

    thanks for the comment
    this prtrait of django is really swell

    lots of the work on this blog is…

    nice to see you active

    take care


  4. 4 Lee-Roy

    Thank you very kindly, Monte! Nice to see you active as well. Hope to just SEE you sometime. That would truly be nice. I imagine you living in a northwesterly paradise, which probably isn’t too far off from the reality.

  5. 5 Jan

    I just wrote to

    Why? Because your painting would kick Ass on a Shirt!

    Greetings from Austria (Schwarzenegger/Mozart/Freud)

  6. 6 Lee-Roy

    Thank you, Jan! I’m glad you like the illustration. Maybe I’ll make it availabe as a T-Shirt someday. Not a bad idea.

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