Olivia Matthew You Are So Cute

It was a beautiful day today. Sitting and painting in the dining room, with the windows open, I could smell the neighbors’ barbecue and hear super bowl partiers. I had just laid down the blue of the sky, when I noticed some odd cloud formations. They spelled, “OLIVIA MATTHEW” and I watched as it completed with, “YOU ARE SO CUTE.”


Trying to make out all the tangled wires was a bit frightening. And more frightening to know that I live next to this thing.

5 Responses to “Olivia Matthew You Are So Cute”

  1. 1 martha

    You have made something mundane truly beautiful here. Great sketch!

  2. 2 Lee-Roy

    Thanks so much, Martha! I find telephone poles and their tangled and criss-crossing wires rather fascinating and have since I was a kid. Not entirely sure why. I have a few ideas, maybe. One is that they seem to automatically make for some interesting compositions. And they’re so iconic of our era. This one says volumes about my neighborhood and of Los Angeles itself. It’s such a mess, but somehow it keeps functioning.

  3. 3 Gerald

    Great illustration! You really got all 54, 55, 56….(wait, I’m still counting the lines).

  4. 4 TM

    VERY nice. Reminds me of the Robert Crumb series on these - he’d get friends to drive him around the city so he could sketch them.

  5. 5 Lee-Roy

    Gerald — Thanks! Yes, I’m still counting as well. Believe it or not, I did not get all of them.

    TM — Yes! I LOVE R. Crumb’s telephone poles! Though I think his have a bit more character than this one. Also, check out my drawings from Sketchcrawl 12 1/2. More telephone poles can be found in one of the sketches there. Just quickies with ink & brush. Thanks for your comment! I’m linking you in “Who’s Commented Here.”

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