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El Loteriador

field31_card - El Loteriador
Loteria Mexican Restaurant, Los Angeles Farmer’s Market

Shock and Awww with Watercolor

Shock and Awww with Watercolor

Shock and Awww

Well, I am quite (unlike “Mister Shock” pictured above) pleasantly surprised that The Danish Poet won for best animated short and very disappointed that Peter O’Toole didn’t win for best actor. Although if anyone else had to win, I’m glad it was Forest Whitaker. Though maybe a bit triumphant, (who wouldn’t be?) I thought he received the award respectfully, seeming to speak directly to his fellow nominees about the craft of acting in a way that I think allowed them to share in his joy a bit. Still, O’Toole may never get another more Oscar-worthy role in his lifetime, which is tremendously sad if I focus on it too long. He begrudgingly accepted the Academy Honorary Award they gave him in 2003, stating in a letter to the Academy that he was “still in the game,” and wanted to “win the little bugger outright.” So clearly, he really did want to win the thing.

Classroom Doodles

Well here’s something I’ve been doing for a very long time. Doodling in class.
I thought one of these doodles came out looking like my friend Tharp. Easy to spot. He’s the one with “THARP” pointing at him. This is how he might’ve looked at times while living in the U.S., frustrated over The Man or The System or some such thing, before he expatriated to South Korea, where he now lives in a state of obliterative bliss.

New Headers: Hawaii

I’m finally adding some new header images made from photos I took while in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Honpa Hongwanji Hawaii Betsuin Buddhist Temple:
New Kapahulu Chop Suey:

Oscar-Nominated Animation Shorts of 2006

Last weekend I saw a screening of the Animated Short Films nominated in this year’s Academy Awards ceremony (2006 films, 2007 ceremony). I planned to write a more critical analysis of the films here, but that plan has been causing a delay in posting so I’ve decided to scrap it. I’ll just say that all the films were great. Blue Sky’s No Time for Nuts and Pixar’s Lifted were both funny and well-crafted 3D-animation and it was refreshing to see Disney’s return to more traditional animation and storytelling with the painterly film, The Little Matchgirl. Interestingly, however, while all of these films are probably most akin to my own style both visually and in storytelling, it was The Danish Poet that impressed me the most and stuck with me the longest after viewing. Certainly, all the films are worthy of the award and it will be interesting to see who gets it. I’ll enjoy having a little more insight into this part of the awards show than I have in the past. My expectation is that one of the larger studios will win, but while I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for those studios, it certainly would be wonderful if The Danish Poet received the award.
Check your local listings. If you want to see these films on the big screen, pre-Oscars, your last chance might be Thursday, February 22nd, as most theatres run on a Fri-Thurs schedule. [UPDATE: Some cities have screenings extending into Oscars weekend and some opening later. Follow the "local listings" link above.] Both the live action and animation shorts are screening at L.A.’s Nuart Theatre until Thurs, Feb 22, distributed by Magnolia Pictures.
Incidentally, before the shorts, I saw a preview for Tears of the Black Tiger, a most surreally beautiful and amazing looking Thai Western!

Me, Myself, and I

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve got some story stuff I’m working on that will be auto- or semi-auto-biographical. The stories themselves are rough at the moment and just kind of fluttering around in my brain. I will tackle what I can as I can and we’ll see what comes of it. In the meantime, I thought I’d share another character design sketch. I’ve been developing my “cartoon self” off and on for a few weeks now or so and I’ve refrained from posting the sketches here, because, well, I guess they just weren’t quite ready to show. Later on, after the character is more established, maybe I’ll post the earlier drawings for the sake of curiosity. Suffice it to say, that caricaturing or making a functional character of one’s self is a unique challenge.

Je t’aime, Jamie

I’ve been doing a bit of sketching, developing characters for some auto-biographical story ideas. This is a quick sketch of my love, Jamie. Isn’t she cute? Happy Valentine’s Day, Jamie!


Official Sample Ballot Doodles


Django Reinhardt

An illustration I completed Sunday of Django Reinhart. Ink and brush on Bristol.

Lost Handlebars

I woke up yesterday morning with this image in my head. I sketched it out in pencil, inked it with a hunt 102 and waterproof ink, added some watercolor and made some minor adjustments in photoshop.


1st Bloggiversary

It was one year ago today that I started this blog!

A “brief” year-in-review:


Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle. Git along lil doggie. Yip. Yip. Yeehaw.

Character Miscellany


char06a char07a

char11a char11b


I’ve just been experimenting with a Windsor & Newton Series 7 #2 brush and Speedball Super Black India Ink and testing its water-resistance. So far I’m pretty pleased. I was enjoying inking with the Sumi-filled Aquash, but the sumi ink is just so sensitive to water, that I couldn’t go back into the drawing with watercolor. The Speedball ink seems to flow nicely and adds the advantage of being “waterproof.” This was done on a smooth-surface bristol.
Also, a special shoutout to my brother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, V!!!