Sketchcrawl 12 1/2 (and 101st post!)

I participated in my first Sketchcrawl yesterday: “Sketchcrawl in Your Home!” I had lots of fun with my sumi water-brush pen and I think maybe this was a good warmup for lucky Sketchcrawl 13. Below are the results. I’ve also posted these to the Sketchcrawl Forum and Flickr Sketchcrawl Pool.

sketchcrawl12.5_01sketchcrawl12.5_02sketchcrawl12.5_02asketchcrawl12.5_03 sketchcrawl12.5_04sketchcrawl12.5_05 sketchcrawl12.5_06

Also, I want to add a note that this is my 101st post to the Art & Story Blog, so a mini centennial celebration of sorts is in order. Mind you, almost a quarter of those 101 posts have been made in this month alone. I’m on that kind of productivity kick.

6 Responses to “Sketchcrawl 12 1/2 (and 101st post!)”

  1. 1 johnnyhongkong

    love the one of your bathroom. it jumps off the screen.

  2. 2 Akiko

    !!! These are all awesome!! I think your pen and inks are a lot stronger than your pencil sketches. Your decisive use of blacks are nice too. Especially the winow and lamp one. Really nice!!

  3. 3 Cheryl

    So cool. That pen really works for you. I dig the bathroom too, and also the one with the lamp and the food, and the one of the cat and the chair viewed sort of from above. (So, like, almost all of them.)

  4. 4 Lee-Roy

    johnnyhongkong - Thanks!!! Good thing you can’t smell it.

    Akiko - You think so? Thanks!! I have really been enjoying inking with the brush. It does force a certain decisiveness when drawing, and so i succumb to the inevitable imperfection that will be in the drawing and end up with something that has a little more character, perhaps. I still like my pencil, but right now I’m addicted to the ink.

    Cheryl - Thank you! But what do you mean, almost all of them. Don’t you like all of them? Just kidding.

    Thanks for the comments, guy and gals. :D

  5. 5 doodlers

    I too love that bathroom sketch. Loooks like it could be somewhere in the mediteranian! Nice confident brushwork all around.

  6. 6 Lee-Roy

    Hi Doodler! Thanks so much! I do love my bathroom. It’s not in the mediterranean, though. I wish. Wouldn’t that be nice if stepping into my bathroom just transported me there. Well, I suppose it could. You never know.

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