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Holiday Lights Sketch

This was my first and very spontaneous sketch for the design of Holiday Lights. After a couple of failed attempts to improve upon the composition, I ultimately just decided to follow it exactly. Sometimes the first ideas are the best.

Holiday Lights

We didn’t make a holiday mix CD in 2005, but we did get our acts together to make one this year! Hey, finding stuff that doesn’t make you want to throw up is challenging stuff. This year’s concept is Holiday Lights.

Mele Kalikimaka, everyone!




Holiday Here and There

A couple of years ago, my girlfriend and I collaborated on a Holiday mix CD to send to family and friends. The idea was to have a few Christmasy songs scattered throughout, but just to put songs on there that we liked and that might play well in a wintery, festive, giftwrap-ripping environment. Hopefully it would also be a CD someone could listen to at other times of the year and not have the urge to regurgitate. We called it Holiday Here and There. Playing off of that title, I thought of how our families were scattered about here and there in Hawaii, Seattle, San Francisco, and Cincinnati and designed this cover/insert:

(Note that the colors are slightly off from the print version. I’m having calibration issues between Photoshop and Imageready.)
Front of the CD insert:


Back of the CD insert (what you’d see with the CD case open):


The full insert unfolded:


Snicker Doodle

Hey, Happy Solstice, Earthlings!

Week 51


And One More

Here’s another new header image from a recent trip to San Francisco.

New Headers

Finally, here are some new header images made from photos taken on the October/November trip to South Carolina and Mississippi.

Whistling Caesar


More Dudles