Monthly Archive for September, 2006

Shamelessly Grotesque

Below is a flyer and poster design I’ve just completed for No Shame Theatre’s 20th Anniversary. This one will be distributed in Iowa City, where No Shame originated (the first No Shame performance was out of the back of a pick-up truck). An alternate version will be used for the Los Angeles No Shame and we’ve also discussed putting this image on T-Shirts.

Okay, so it’s rather grotesque, but keep in mind that the forms are abstracted and you could not see anything grotesque in it, were it not for the aid of your own imagination. Any resemblance to forms or actions deemed rude or obscene are purely coincidental. Given another look, I’m sure you’ll see that what you thought was one thing is really just a nose, or eyes, etc., of a silly cartoon character. Harmless G-rated fun, all around!


Remembering Whackjob

“Whackjob!” was a literary reading series in San Diego that I did flyer designs for. I was given pretty much total freedom to interpret each reading’s theme title and would employ whatever tools or styles seemed to fit the bill. The themes illustrated below are “Better Than Hope,” “Genie In A Bottle,” “Poemectomy,” a Valentine’s Day theme, and “Wipe Out,” respectively.

wj7full      wj8full

wj9full      wj11full


I’m 30?

Yup. My birthday is today and I am indeed 30 years old. Goodbye, Twenties. You were lots of fun. Hello, Thirties. Let’s get to work.
Here’s a little self-caricature and the image I used for the party invite. Everything’s from my all too self-aware memory, save for the hand and toothbrush, which I referenced in the mirror.

Gots Mad Doodles: Color In Progress

Coloring was interrupted by some recent busy-ness, but here it is in progress, with the final version to come when I’m able. You might notice that I edited the original doodle a little bit. The “tee-hee” guy just wasn’t working as well as the other t-shirted blokes. I scooted the fairy over a little to balance the void.

Gots Mad Doodles