Post-It Doodles Probiscus Party, Plus


I’ve been holding back, but here now is more glorious ball-point pen on Post-Its. Some familiar schnozzes in profile. Three of them. And since they say three’s a crowd, then I suppose it can be a party, too. And since I did my drawing of Dave Letterman, I’ve periodically been trying my hand at Regis Philbin. He had been on the program that night, but I just couldn’t capture his likeness. You’d think he’d be easy, but I was surprised. Included above is my latest attempt. Still has a little ways to go to being recognizable. I think it looks more like a somewhat heavy-set Conan O’Brien doing his impression of Regis, but it’s a lot closer than my first attempts.

And then, well, sometimes these things just happen…


All of the above were drawn with one of these babies:


When I saw this in the back-to-school section of the drug store, it instantly took me back to about 4th grade or so. An impulse buy to gratify the inner child.

6 Responses to “Post-It Doodles Probiscus Party, Plus”

  1. 1 Jamie

    The pen would be a good header image.

  2. 2 Cheryl

    I love the red and black swirly drawing. I have fond memories of the late ’80s four-color pen, which made for great notes and diary entries in hot pink, purple, aqua and neon green.

  3. 3 Lee-Roy

    Jamie, thanks again for your comment. You think so? Dunno…

    Cheryl, that pen sounds pretty 80’s alright. It would make a good companion to this one. I was recently envisioning a pen with a large assortment of colors. It wouldn’t be much wider than this one towards the tip, but would flare out to a carousel of, I don’t know, maybe sixteen colors. No doubt, they’ve probably thought about making one, if they haven’t already tried.

  4. 4 Cheryl

    I remember seeing a ten-color one, but it was too fat to draw with. Maybe your cutting-edge carousel technology will be what propels the multi-color ballpoint pen into the 21st century!

  5. 5 Christine
  6. 6 Lee-Roy

    I did indeed. Thanks for the catch! Can’t believe I confused proboscis with probiscus, a nose shaped like a hibiscus flower. All of these noses fall into the general category of proboscis.

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