Monthly Archive for March, 2006

Coffee Bean Doodles

Drawn at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Sunset, near Crescent Heights in West Hollywood, right at the edge of the Sunset Strip. It proved a great spot for sketching, as a lot of people came through just long enough to get down a sketch, many of them trend-laden. Pages are listed here from last-drawn to first and you can see I got a little warmer as I went on.

Desktop Doodles

A scrap of paper that sits on my desk for any length of time usually ends up filled with this sort of stuff. My hand is continually seeking out blank spaces to release the creative subconcious—or something.

Down Beat Doodles

I had a half-hour to sketch while at the Down Beat Café in Echo Park, and these were the results.

Cinequest 16: The Second Death


This past weekend was spent at Cinequest 16, where I attended a screening of The Second Death. This was my first experience attending a festival screening as one of the film’s makers (storyboard artist and actor). The film was a part of Shorts Program 8: Mindbenders which began at about midnight and ran approximately two hours, Friday and Saturday. There were a number of interesting films included in the lineup. One that has apparently been making the rounds at festivals for a little while now was Lucky, in which a man locked in the trunk of a car, seeks to free himself and gain control of the unmanned, yet speeding car he finds himself a passenger on. Another was Slice of Heaven, showing the strangely mundane actions of a woman (SPOILER ALERT) harvesting feces from a bacon-grease fed infant to serve as fertilizer (END SPOILER) for her bucolic suburban garden. And another worth mention, was Rats, a black and white short based on the comic-story of the same name by Frank Miller. Sparing us the comic-book effects and devices, but still preserving Miller’s story, composition, chiaroscuro, and sense of timing. With these films alone, we certainly were in good company.

Somewhat regretfully, I skipped out on participating in the Q&A section of the screening. Although by about a quarter after two in the morning, I don’t think it was the most provocative of Q&A’s anyway. A few hours of mindbending social ineptitude followed back at the Montgomery Hotel and made for a Sunday that was a bit rough around the edges, but I did manage to see another entertaining short and an outstanding, albeit immensely depressing, feature in the evening before trucking back to L.A. I do wish I had the luxury of spending a bit more time at the festival to see films and meet filmmakers, but it’s at least kindled more of an interest to do more of that sort of thing in the future.


Here are just a few poses of a pet character I came up with last night:


February Figures