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Lotte’s Sketch!

lotte's sketch!
The drawing I purchased from Lotte Klaver arrived today all the way from Amsterdam! I had a feeling it would. I’m glad I stayed home, because it’s been pouring down rain today and this beautiful drawing could have been ruined if left in the wrong place. I’m really happy to have this. I’m going to hunt for a funky little frame and put it up in the bedroom. Lotte has many more of these sorts of drawings which she creates on an almost daily basis online at her sketchbook blog. This one is from January 19th, 2006.

Shannon McNally Tees

I designed this shirt for friend and singer-songwriter Shannon McNally last month. In case you’re not up on your bovine anatomy, the skeleton to the right is a North American Bison (aka, Buffalo). There’s definitely a Dia De Los Muertos element to this design, but the imagery really came out of trying to represent the concept of “North American Ghost Music,” a term Shannon has coined to describe her own music and as a response to the often clunky categorical attempts of music-reviewers and the like.

Yesterday’s Doodles

characters (+)
Just some quick doodles with blue and 4B pencil. I did a few loose character sketches and then noticed some slight similarities to living persons. Pete Townshend? Kerry? Bush? Also included: a quick sketch of my drawing hand. Just out of frame are thumbs for the ongoing indie animated feature I am storyboarding.

January Figures



I spotted this guy at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday and had to sketch him. There was so much more there that I didn’t capture. He was like a living cartoon. Perhaps a relative of Einstein. His face seemed to be frozen into an expression brought about by years and years of newspaper reading. It did seem like a nice routine, though. A relaxing sunny afternoon in the open air, with a newspaper and a glass of wine. Not bad.
I sketched him with mechanical pencil on Sunday and went back over it with a couple brush pens late on Monday, adding the background in from memory.

Comics & Politics: A Day-Long Discussion


Saturday morning, I went down to MOCA for a day-long panel discussion moderated by Amy Pederson, with comics artists David Collier (Collier’s Vol. 1 & 2), Mary Fleener (Slutburger) and Lily Lau (Mom’s Drawer Is At The Bottom); comics publisher Ron Turner (Last Gasp); and graffiti artist Barry McGee (Twist).


Pictured above from left to right are David, Mary, Ron, Barry, Lily, and Amy. Projected above them is a panel from one of David’s comics.

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And Now For Some Fun


I drew these yesterday, just having some fun with a couple brush-pens. Fodder for the new blog, you know. I guess I like doing up-nose shots. It is kind of a fun angle to play with. Anyway, enjoy! I know I did.


First Post

Drawing 01
I figured I’d start off the new Art & Story Blog with a little self portrait, introducing myself and my blog to the world or as I call it, “the blorld.” This was sketched this morning based on memory and also based on the way I felt after staying up all night obsessing over my blog. I look forward to making this a place to channel some creative juices. If you are reaching this post from sometime in the future and have come to the end of the reverse-chronological line, I thank you for taking the time to look at my future-past posts.